Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sea pineapple

So my japanese labmates have started this little game which consists on feeding me things and seeing if I'll eat them. To their great amusement I will pretty much eat anything. To anyone who knows me this is not a great surprise, Bear Grylls from the show Man Vs. Wild has nothing on me, plus I think he's a buffoon. The next thing they are going to feed me is the sea pineapple. Sea pineapples are an edible ascidian or sea squirt. Here is what wikipedia has to say:

"Sea pineapples are known for both their peculiar appearance, described by journalist Nick Tosches as "something that could exist only in a purely hallucinatory eco-system"[1] and their peculiar taste, described as "something like iodine"[1] and "rubber dipped in ammonia."[2] However, aficionados claim that the taste is well suited to serving with sake.[3] The flavor has been attributed to an unsaturated alcohol called cynthiaol, which is present in minute quantities.[3]"

Maybe this one will make it to my top 3 of Icelandic rotten shark, Kyrgyz fermented horse milk, and Chinese century eggs. So If Kevin is right, and sea squirts just want to have fun, there is a party in my mouth and they are invited.


Rob said...

I think we are going to need a follow up after you have eaten it.

Anonymous said...

Just watch this bear video..

Want more bear?

A-Mao said...

i ate sea pineapple in Busan before.
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