Monday, August 13, 2007

Enlarging condom is a big hit

Ok I'm sorry I couldn't help it, it's too funny. Apparently this company called Futura has a new condom which has a gel at the tip with medical ingredients that helps dilate blood vessels. Apparently they conducted a clinical trial (I wish I could find it), where they saw statistically significant increase in the size of the knob and the duration of intercourse. And apparently after some market research they think that demand might be enormous. No shit, they should probably mail it around to every email account.

"Up to 80 percent of existing condom users would be interested in trying the product and, more importantly, 49 percent of non-condom users would be interested in using it as it will help them maintain an erection,"

It plays perfectly into male insecurities. Maybe this can even prevent some wars. I'll ship a box to Bush myself.

Which reminds me: Do you know why Bush crossed the road? His dick was stuck in the chicken and he had no exit strategy.


Julia said...

Oh THAT'S awesome. Anything that can counter the typical male reaction of "I don't like wearing them, I lose so much sensation" has to be a good thing.

BTW - could I ask you to update your link to my Ethical Palaeontologist blog? It's now hosted at Yeah, it's blatant advertising on your blog comments, but whichever one of you has responsibility for links will at least be able to see it here.

Cheers me dears.

Kamel said...

It's been fixed.