Monday, June 02, 2008

Alien Autopsy

If you haven't yet heard, a Colorado man has held a press conference to reveal footage of an alien caught on tape in 2003.

From the looks of it, the video is a typical grainy, inconclusive Bigfoot-style shot that will convince believers and fail to impress skeptics. (And haven't the little green men heard of the Prime Directive?)

But what if it was convincing? It would probably alter NASA's space program. Groups would try to figure out a way to kill it, or weaponize it. Biologists would have a field day.

If suddenly presented with solid, convincing evidence of extra-terrestrial life, how do you think life on Earth would change (if at all)? What about your personal worldview?


Dominic said...

My view is that humanity is ALMOST ready for this. If "they" are there maybe it is time to meet. The problem I have with this is that pictures always seem grainy, all videos are always too blurry. However, people (a lot of them) are putting their reputation on the line....would you, Kamel? I would certainly not!

I have seen these guys on Larry King (you can get it on the CNN website), they seem like regular guys. Do I believe them? Not really but if proven I would be converted and happy to do so!

Kevin Zelnio said...

I would want to dissect them!

But the opportunity to observe a system in (presumable) isolation and test evolutionary principles with N>1 is the ultimate thrill.

But I'm not holding my breathe.

The Key Question said...

I believe that intelligent life exists elsewhere in our galaxy (not on Earth) and they are trying their absolute darndest to ignore us right now.

If we should ever annoy them enough to confront us, human beings would be really really really really really really really really really screwed.

Anonymous said...

My problem is that I would not trust any authority to handle such an encounter.
I wonder if waterboarding is considered torture in our galaxy or maybe it's foreplay to little green men.

Kamel said...

Dr. B: If I *had* to bet, I'd go with this being a genius viral marketing campaign for the upcoming X-Files movie. It would still be very cool if it was real.

Obviously a visit from a sentient, technologically advanced extra-terrestrial would be a big deal on a number of levels. What if evidence for life elsewhere was fossil evidence of bacteria on Mars or Titan? What impact would that have?