Saturday, June 28, 2008

OMG!!! Canadians SERIOUSLY Worried About High Gas Prices!!!

Yup that's right, according to a Globe and Mail survey, the high price of gas is now Canadian's number one concern. Last year's top issue, the environment ("like OMG, Al Gore figured out that New Orleans is sinking because of global warming!!!"), has been relegated to third place. According to Gloria Galloway this is like total bad news for the Liberal's carbon tax proposal:

"This shift could make it more difficult for Liberal Leader St├ęphane Dion to sell the carbon-tax plan he unveiled last week, a complex scheme to cut greenhouse-gas emissions that will be the cornerstone of his party's platform in the next election."

What might be useful here is if people divert their attention away from gas price signs and political documentaries for a second and do some thinking. Hmmmm....maybe these issues are somehow linked? Maybe the larger issue is economic dependence on burning fossil fuels? Hey look - every time we use a litre, there's a litre less left in the world!!! And hey, pollutants are released at the EXACT SAME TIME!!!

Politicians - what Canadians need is a visionary plan that engineers us an escape from the sinking ship that is the fossil fuel economy and builds us a new one. Neither pansy-ass environmentalist appeasement measures nor short-term gasoline price-fixing measures are going to cut it.


Anonymous said...

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