Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Acoustic wave immunosensor

This just sounds too cool not to mention. These guys at Georgia Tech have outfitted gold dopped antibodies to a self-assembling membrane, so that binding of the antigen (mesothelin here) changes the resonnance frequency in a quantifiable manner. In essence it's sorta like an ELISA assay that you read with a microphone.


Bayman said...

Wow that is too cool. I wonder if anyone's working on acoustic live imaging?

Anonymous Coward said...

The resolution in imaging is a function of wavelength. I don't know if sound can be precise. However if each antibody has a different resonnance frequency you could assay a huge number of antigens no?

Bayman said...

I wonder if you could record "the music of a cell". If you had the right phospho-specifc antibodies for example, and each different phosphorylation event triggered a different note, could you record the songs of a signalling pathways??