Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Job vacancy...who really runs the OHRI anyway?

So the other day I'm on the airplane perusing the Globe and Mail's Report on Business. After going through a few pieces on the current oil boom, a large corporate job ad caught my eye - seems the OHRI is looking for a new CEO and scientific director. If you're in the market for a high-paying job (we're talking 300 grand), you must have a "PhD, MD/PhD or MD and an outstanding record as a medical or health sciences researcher, and have demonstrated leadership skills through previous executive positions". The ad offers candidates the reins to the OHRI's "state-of-the-art research facilities, an operating budget of $74.2M, and a workforce of almost 300 scientists and clinical investigators, more than 250 graduate students and over 500 support staff". I was interested to learn that I was part of someone's workforce, even if I had to read it in the business section of the newspaper to find out. So I was also intrigued to read that the new CEO will be "reporting to the Board of Directors and to the Hospital President". It had never occured to me that the OHRI was run by a board of directors (although I guess it makes sense because every corporation is) so I was very interested to know who was on it. Turns out nearly half (8/19) are executives of private corporations, a couple are political types, and the others are governing members of the Ottawa Hospital and/or the University of Ottawa. They apparently serve as "gracious" volunteers, although you can bet that membership to this club is by invitation only.


Anonymous said...

who else should run the OHRI? Sounds like most of those people probably know how to run something that has a budget and stuff. It's better than having a single person in charge I would think also.