Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The True North, strong and free

I've been in Egypt for almost 2 weeks now, checking out temples and pyramids and watching my sister be proposed to by almost every young - and old - egyptian man we've met (for those who are interested, the best offer so far has been 20 camels).

Now back in Canada, we tend to think of ourselves as land of mounties and peacekeepers. I've been mistaken for both Spanish and Italian while here, and as soon as I say I'm from Canada, the immediate (and invariable) response is: "Canada Dry!" So this is how we're known abroad... for a soft drink - which, incidentally, I haven't seen a single drop of while here.

And now, I'm off do to some scuba diving in the Red Sea...


rob said...

Well I have also been to places where if you say your from Canada the response is awesome "Rush is awesome."
Ahhhh the image that Canada conjures in the minds of people in these places is Geddy Lee.

Anonymous Coward said...

what no picture! ;)

boudica of suburbia said...

oo, I snorkled in the Red Sea. Gorgeous isn't it? We did see a Tiger shark though, and to evacuate the water pretty quickly, as my disbelieving father swam round in circles looking for it: "What shark? No shark."

We watched from the safety of the boat. he wasn't eaten. bit of an anticlimax.


kamel said...

This is long since buried, but you should all know that the new highest bid is 150 camels.