Friday, December 15, 2006

Bayblab podcast episode4 part II

In the second half of episode4: Hawking eats babies, a canadian celebrity impregnates american cows, Rob wants to burn the amazon and Jack Bauer is on drugs. PLEASE VOTE FOR US ON DIGG!


Bayman said...

Now we know what we have long suspected. Rob is full of crap. He claims that in this episode that a flashlight is "the only thing I own", clearly contradicting his statement on a previous podcast that his solar powered flashlight was his sole possesion.. What's next Rob? Panhandling on Elgin street to raise funds for a pimped-out pocket protector? Trading in that solar powered calculator for a brand new hummer? Sorry, environmentalism might be too boring for some people, but others of us have values OK? How about a little something called cutting back on fossil fuel consumption and reducing CO2 emissions? Or are you too busy galavanting around to the malls in search of your next little consumeristic electronic gadget to hear the cries of Mother Earth as she screams out in her tortured agony?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, your digg link is broken. Not that I would've dugg the story anyway :P

Anonymous said...

The link is fine. Please take the time to vote for us.