Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Creationists are Less Susceptible to HIV

That's right, true-believers. Two trials have demonstrated that circumcision dramatically reduces the risk of HIV infection in heterosexual, African men. In a study of 8000 men in Uganda and Kenya those who were circumcised showed a 50% reduction in new HIV infections. This supports a previous South African study that showed similar (60%) reduction in circumcised males. In fact, the results were so dramatic that the NIH ended the study early claiming it was unethical to not offer circumcision to the control group. The reason for protection is unknown, but it has been speculated to be due to either an increased susceptibility of foreskin cells to HIV infection or that the circumcised penis is less sensitive and less likely to bleed. Dr. Kevin de Cock (*snicker*) of the World Health Organization warns that this is by no means a magic bullet, but is a complementary approach to other HIV prevention methods currently in use in sub-Saharan Africa (such as encouragement of condom use) where AIDS is a devastating problem.

What does this all have to do with creationists? Well, God-fearing folk are more likely to already be circumcised, and therefore already at a lower risk. And while the results of these studies are dramatic, I don't think Richard Dawkins will be marching willy to the guillotine any time soon.


Gaddafi said...

True God-fearing folks don't even have sex. Plus everyone knows AIDS is God's answer to homosexuality.

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