Monday, October 15, 2007

Fresh Science at Nature Precedings

A pre-print manuscript that caught my eye at Nature Precedings; Derivation of Multi-Potent Stem Cells from Fibroblasts Following Treatment with an ES Cell Extract - A lot of buzz was recently generated when it was shown that forced expression of 4 transcription factors could transform fibroblasts into ES-like cells. Now, a group publishing their pre-print manuscript on Nature Precedings claims to have achieved a similar result by transiently permeabilizing fibroblasts in the presence of a cell-free extract from ES cells. Potentially a very simple way to make multi-potent cells for basic research and regenerative therapy. Also could be a great model to find reprogramming factors in the ES cell extracts. This is not really my field so I don't have much criticism to offer, but if you work in this field, take the chance to review their findings and contribute to the discussion by following the link to the paper above.


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