Monday, February 11, 2008

Craig Venter on global warming

This quote was found as part of a series about scientist who've changed their minds:

"Like many or perhaps most I wanted to believe that our oceans and atmosphere were basically unlimited sinks with an endless capacity to absorb the waste products of human existence. I wanted to believe that solving the carbon fuel problem was for future generations and that the big concern was the limited supply of oil not the rate of adding carbon to the atmosphere. The data is irrefutable. We are conducting a dangerous experiment with our planet. One we need to stop. Now."


Anonymous said...

I like Venter. I also like people who can admit when they are wrong.
However I find it interesting that he changes his tune after changing his focus to solving the carbon fuel problem using synthetic biology. Now that global warming suits his purposes he finds the evidence irrefutable.

Anonymous Coward said...

Although he says he was always concerned with the limited supply of oil. Making a bug that spits out fuel is not necessarily carbon neutral...