Friday, February 29, 2008

Scientist Bloggers Blogging About Science

The recent surge in the number of scientist-bloggers contributing to discussion here at the bayblab has led me to discover a lot of wicked-ass science blogs. Although, as PZ pointed out is his comment here, many of us find it difficult to find the time to write informative science posts on a regular basis, these guys are proving it can be done. Do yourself a favor and check them out:

Mystery Rays Wow. Has to be the best blogging on real science I've ever seen. Enough reference to literature to satisfy the hard-core virologist, interesting and clear enough to appeal to the non-scientist.

Michael Palm HIV Basic Science Blog Totally hard-core HIV science.

Genomicron Fantastic genomics blog and distinctly Canadian perspective on science.

Laelaps, Tetrapodzoology, Deep Sea News These guys are zoologists and/or paleontologists. Which mean they're not only biologists, but they're also scientists. Which means as a biochemist, this is where I go for a reminder of the beauty of evolutionary theory and life in general. These guys make it all fun, interesting and easy to understand (lots of pictures too!!). They do a good bit of blogging on peer-reviewed research as well.

Cognitive Daily As advertised, "A new cognitive psychology article nearly every day". I don't know how they do it, but they do it.

Drug Monkey Lots of real science being thrown around here. More importantly, Drug Monkey has a sense of humor and this blog is damn fun to read.

Life of a Lab Rat Well-written tidbits of insight into laboratory culture.

Henry Some good stuff on human evolution.

CSHL Protocols General science and the latest in molecular biology methodology.

Sorry to the great blogs out there that I missed. Feel free to add your favorite science blogs to the list below.


Anonymous Coward said...

I like the Other 95%. Before reading this I knew nothing about marine invertebrates. Now I have a better grasp about how much I don't know about marine invertebrates. definately a triple A blog.

Bayman said...

For sure. Actually I noticed Kevin Z is now on ScienceBlogs as well, at Deep Sea Blogs, mentioned above. But you'll probably have to got to the other 95% to get his original spineless music recordings.

Kevin Zelnio said...

Thanks for the plug(s)! Deep Sea News is all about science and conservation. We use the site as an aggregator for all things deep sea (loosely defined at times). Craig (the founder), Peter and I all have a strong interest in examining the impact humans have on the marine environment, with emphasis on the deep sea of course. I am glad to be writing with them!

As for The Other 95%, well its taken a back seat to my dissertation for now. I am in the final year or less so madly writing. Not able to keep up the hard-core science and BPR3 posts like I used to. But I keep it going!

There is more Spineless Songs to come and keep tuned to DSN for upcoming Deep Sea Ditties in the works.