Monday, November 27, 2006

Cool Sci visuals

If you're patient enough to wait for the video to load, check out this crazy look at the inside of a cell set to classical music-it was made at the Harvard medical school and so is at least conceptually accurate-my personal favorite part is the myosin "walking" along the actin-some of the protein-protein interactions are pretty touching too! On a different note, the national geographic special "animals in the womb", which first airs dec 10 on the national geographic channel (and will likely be up to download soon thereafter!) features some pretty amazing pictures of embryonic development in different vertebrates-its hard to believe how similiar we start off!-maybe the fact that such a huge portion of the genome in mammals (and sea urchins!) is transcribed during early embryonic development suggests that only a small number/arrangement of genes is actually responsible for the diverse phenotypes we see by the time an individual is born-think about that-you might be only a few gene products away from having a trunk!


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