Tuesday, November 07, 2006

One-Click Referencing As You Surf

From the Nature people, Connotea is web-based reference management. Basically they keep track of your references in a web-accessible, user friendly database for you. Puts a little button on your web browswer and you just hit it whenever you have an abstract or paper loaded in your web browser. The program then automatically puts all the relevent info into your database. You can easily download the library into a reference manager file, and share databases with your science buddies via the web. I've been testing it out, and so far it seems pretty damn cool. Think of it as the cure for "How did I find that abstract on PubMed that one time???


Kamel said...

So it's sort of like del.icio.us but for science? That's pretty cool. My mother (a librarian) was telling me about this a couple of months ago but I never got around to really checking it out. Listen to your parents, kids!