Friday, November 24, 2006

Everything You Need to Know About RNA in Four Pie Charts and a Venn Diargram

Looking through Transcriptional Maps of 10 Human Chromosomes at 5-Nucleotide Resolution, I came across this great little figure that just says it all. Maybe pie charts and Venn diagrams are useless individually, but together...they may just be an unstoppable combination.


Anonymous Coward said...

ow, my head hurts. How come poly A and non-poly A are not mutually exclusive?

Bayman said...

Presumably these are sequences that transcribed with a polyA+ tail that is later removed, therefore there both species exist at a given time throughout the cell.

Anonymous said...

Your pathetic attempts at science amuse my superior intellect. Why don't you just give up already. We all know that biology is not a real science and will certainly will never compete with the almighty Physics.