Friday, November 17, 2006

Strange diseases of the woman

I recently came across two bizarre diseases that affect woman. The first one involves woman who believe they are transforming into a man, against their will. The rare disorder of reverse delusional misidentification syndrome may be encountered in schizophrenic patients. "Evaluation revealed complaints that the patient's ovaries were testes that produced sperm and her clitoris was a penis capable of erection and ejaculation. Gynecological examination revealed only atrophic vaginitis.". The other one, might be even stranger if that's possible. Woman who have persistent sexual arousal syndrome, and are constantly hit by orgasm for doing pretty much anything, despite having no sexual desire. In Japan this disorder is called "iku iku byo" or cum cum disease. It has been associated with anything from withdrawal from SSRI medication, to soy intake, menaupose and traumatic event and apprently makes sleeping difficult.