Sunday, March 04, 2007


We all know that a good supply of music is essential in order to survive grad school. Of course it's all too easy to get busy in the lab and lose touch with pop culture. So I've recently tried to revive my stagnating playlist by going on a music acquisition spree. Thought I'd share a few recently released albums worth getting if you have an aging playlist and little time:

The Kooks - "Inside In, Inside Out"
The Shins - "Wincing the Night Away"
Arcade Fire - "Neon Bible"
Modest Mouse - "We Were Dead Even Before the Ship Sank"
Gomez - "How We Operate"

Anyone else got any suggestions?


Rob said...

I am a conscientious music listener and refuse to illegally download the newest modest mouse album until it's official release on March 20th.
But thanks for letting me know it's already available:)

Bayman said...

Of course. Nor would I ever listen to illegally downloaded music on an illegal personal music device in a fascist workplace.

Rob said...

I will recommend Of Montreal, and the new Bloc Party, A weekend in the city.
Also checkout yanni's website.

Dhruvi Parmar said...

really enjoy simply reading all of your weblogs.