Thursday, March 29, 2007

Urine does not contain many pathogens

This is just a response to the fact that there is now a sign in the shared washroom in the lab that basically tells people to keep the washroom as clean as possible. Nothing wrong with that.
However the very first sentence of the sign reads,"Urine contains many pathogens." It doesn't. Unless of course you have a urinary tract infection, however this would be tough to spread to another person through urine on a toilet. I would just find it embarrassing that on a floor full of scientists and support staff there is something that is just scientifically untrue. If a visiting scientist has to relieve him or herself here they will think less of our institutes scientific knowledge, and perhaps of our sanitary practices since apparently they warrant a refresher on using the loo.
Maybe we need the sani-seat toilet.
Speaking of toilets and stuff, I think that we should all be responsible and get a bio-toilet.


Anonymous Coward said...

And for all you girls out there who've always wanted to pee upright, you can now try the P-mate !

Anonymous said...

yeah, that's weird.