Thursday, March 15, 2007

Canada's next prime minister

One of Dr. Bullman's masters student in the OHRI (home of the bayblab), Graeme Cunningham, will be featured on the CBC reality show, "canada's next great prime minister". He will compete and debate with 3 other contestants and against four ex-prime ministers: Brian Mulroney, Joe Clark, Kim Campbell, and Paul Martin. The show airs this coming Sunday, March 18, at 7pm. If you will be in the Ottawa area, you can join in the fun at the Heart and Crown at 6:30 pm to watch the show. If only we could get more prime-ministers that have science or engineering background, instead of only economists and lawyers. It seems to have worked well for India.


Anonymous said...

Graeme was robbed!!!!!!!!!!! although i didnt really agree with the representation thing at the end(affirmative action was deemed illegal a long time ago)he was def the best candidate-i guess if u can survive WIPs then debating on national television with former leaders of your country is nuttin
makes u proud to be an aspiring scientist!!!!

Anonymous Coward said...

I agree, he pwned.