Thursday, March 22, 2007

Best materials and methods

We've put some memorable M&M on the bayblab before. The digital rectal massage protocol, the rat genital licking protocol etc.. Inspired by our friend D.r. Bergeron (chicken soup above) and one of our baybe-fan Laura (protocol below), I dare you to one-up those materials and methods: "Reservoir function: Rectal reservoir function was evaluated by instilling artificial stool into the rectum. The test solution consisted of a slurry of Veegum in water, thickened to the consistency of soft stools and maintained at 37°C. A small catheter was inserted into the rectum, and aliquots of 50 ml were instilled with a large bore syringe, at an approximate rate of 140 ml/min, up to the point of intolerant sensation or leakage. The volumes for initial sensation, urgency, and first leakage were recorded."


Anonymous said...

please fix link to recipe.
want to read. thinking of trying.

Dominic said...

Here is the link to recipe. I got it in this publication. Free access:

Why not test it and then comment on my site (or this one)