Friday, November 16, 2007

PINK EYE outbreak

I love it. There is a bit of conjunctivitis (aka pink eye) making it's way through the lab in which the bay is a part of. It may be that it is from microscope eyepieces, so I wanted to see what I could find on other experiences with this, but I couldn't really.
I did find one person on a forum who said they have encountered pink eye contaminated eyepieces, not once but twice.
I also found out that breast milk cures pink eye. I'm skeptical.
I think one of the reasons I think it's funny is because it's such a childhood thing and one of the funny scenes from "Knocked Up" indicates it can be caused from farting on someone's pillow.
I'm sure I'll think it's funny until it infects someone in the bay.


freddybizniss said...

hahaha! This totally happened in my lab, we had two people get the dreaded pink eye really bad and I had a mild case of it. The only equipment in common.... the microscopes!

Bayman said...

that's why i always wear my safety glasses while using the microscope

Anonymous said...

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