Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The day the Universe went Gangster

There's a great doco on the history of science by James Burke called, "The day the universe changed." It goes through some of the great scientific realizations of history in many parts and was filmed in 1985. It's hilarious when he starts talking about the personal computer and shows a behemoth of an apple. Scarily he makes some predictions that are quite accurate. Anyways I ran into an amusing flash animation of "Damn it feels good to be James Burke" to the tune of "Damn it feels good to be a gangsta."


Pat Fish said...

As it happens, I met James Burke in Oswego NY in early 2007 and got to explain that animation to him, since James wasn't entirely down with all things gangsta.

James autographed my HP laptop that night.

I love the title BTW. That computer image you used is of a Commodore/CBM PET - a model 2001 from the look of it. I own two.

Rob said...

How did you 'explain' it to him? Is the humor deeper than I thought or are you just referring to the fact that you had to explain to James Burke who the ghetto boys were?
BTW instant geek cred on the identification of the old computer.
thanks for dropping by.

Patrick Fish said...

Right, he was unfamiliar with the song (the song itself is a sign of the downward spiral of western culture). At some point I plan to auction off the HP laptop that James signed for me. I have photos of him doing so, so people will know it's The Teal Thing. He's really such a charming guy.

Are you on Facebook? So many Commodore groups, including ones for PETs.

Pat Fish said...

BTW the link to WonTon for the "Damn It Feels Good to be James Burke" seems no longer valid. Can you post a working link to it?