Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Synthetic Biology

We have discussed 'biohacking/biopunk' topics before on the bayblab. Here is an interesting essay on synthetic biology possibilities. It's a bit 'out there' but an entertaining read.
Things such as:
"It’s easy to imagine grafting an electric eel’s electromagnetic sensitivity into our brains so we can pick up wireless signals. There’d have to be an fail-safe off switch, of course, but the net effect could be amazing. We’d have true telepathy, and the ability to form group minds."
make me laugh.


Bayman said...

Cool. I agree that article's a little more fiction than science...some more realistic articles in that Newsweek issue to though...But man am I tired of seeing J. Craig Venter's face on every magazine that remotely mentions anything to do with biology. I wouldn't say he's necessarily one of the leaders in the field specifically driving SynBio...I guess sequencing the human genome gives you a lot of liberties as a scientist. Francis Collins gets away with believing in God, whereas Craig Venter gets to think he is God.

Bayman said...

Wow. Actually this article gives a great intro to the SynBio field...a much better explanation than what I can usually give people when they what the hell the conference in June is about.