Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I've got kallikreins on the mind

Thanks to some %^&#@ journal editor, I find myself having to update the introduction of a paper on kallikreins. To my surprise, it seems that one of the member of that superfamily (made famous by PSA or kallikrein 3), is neuropsin. Type II Neuropsin seems to have evolved quite recently (5 MY) and is expressed in the frontal lobe of humans and not of other great apes. It may have functions in learning and memory, and it is already speculated that if reintroduced in chimps, they may become indistinguishable from Kamel.

If you are wondering about the artwork above it's anal bum cover : "Nietzsche's Monkey": You haven't heard anything that sounds quite like this. Graduate students in Rhetoric, Critical Theory, and Post-modernist studies will be glad to know someone is finally writing music for them."