Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Coral Reef Sunscreen Followup

Previously on the Bayblab:
I was informed that sunscreen was bad for coral reefs. However no explanation was given.
Very recently a lucky group of researchers in Italy who presumably get sunburned and get to snorkel around coral reefs have figured out at least part of the story.
It appears that exposure to common active ingredients in sunscreen activate latent lytic viruses within the symbiotic algae of coral reefs inducing the observed coral bleaching.
Heres the open access paper.
Embarrassingly I ran across this on Not surprisingly the comments suck there, as usual. The best being, " Why does science hate us?"


Anonymous Coward said...

The worst is that on the digg frontpage with over 3000 diggs , is a story which suggest that pills have been develop which can trigger autism and then change you back. The work cited is actually a ko mouse model. It's a contender for the worst science story award!

Bayman said...

We should make a bayblab award for worst science blogging.

Guillaume said...

You mean that the autistic story isn't true ?
Damnit, i was actually interested in that one :)
Concentration in a pill, I'm in !

Anonymous Coward said...

I'm afraid no pill can cure you and your unusually large head...