Thursday, January 10, 2008

Training in photocopiers?

They are constantly bugging us with all the biosafety training, but now they've gone too far, I got this by email:


I am setting up training on the photocopier, by Dr. J* B*'s office. I think everyone has a grasp on "basic" photocopying, but we are looking to get training on the more advanced features like scanning. If you or one of your students/trainees would like to attend this training session, please let me know. If there are too many people who need/want training, I can add on another training session ie, 2:30-3:30 (or another day). We can only have 5-6 people training at one time."

I think we also need a retreat to discuss what body parts are appropriate or not to photocopy.


Bayman said...

Is there a button that will spit out a manuscript if I put my lab book on the photocopier?

kamel said...

I actually attended the 'phone training session' when we moved to the new system. It was quite ridiculous. James, Baldwin and I almost got kicked out once we mastered most of the features and screwed up their training exercises.