Monday, October 02, 2006

Home Science Crafts Project

From the "OMG I can't believe someone did that, barfffff" department: A lazy sunday afternoon crafts project for your kids that involves mouse taxidermy. Or do-it-yourself hemroidal surgery on your pet turtle! Warning, you may be scarred for life.


Rob said...

I have often wondered whether it was legal in this country to do surgery on your pets. PETA would certainly have an issue with amatuer pet surgery, but then again lots of people sacrafice a frog in high school for disection.
It's not like as a researcher you have to get a licence to do animal surgery. So I guess you must legally be able to do it at home.

Anonymous Coward said...

I'm pretty sure that falls under animal cruelty law, and you could get busted for performing surgery on pets. I don't even think you can put your animal down yourself if its sick.

Anonymous Coward said...