Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Interpretive Dancing

Ran accross this beauty of an abstract describing how your creative dance abilities are genetically determined. (don't ask how I ran into this.) The article describing this genetic study has such phrases such as "the dancing phenotype." Wow, I had no idea people did research like this.
Of course the genes responsible relate to serotonin transport, so it's all in your head and nothing to do with rythm in your muscles or someting. Related in a way is an article I found that summerizes some data suggesting that dancing helps retain cognitive abilities as you age.


Bayman said...


Seriously though...
Hmmm I was wondering why if dancing makes you smarter why people don't get continuously smarter as they dance more and more, and why people who dance the most are not always geniuses. But...on the other hand dancing frequency and intensity seem to increase dramatically with alcohol and drug consumptions, both of which can impair neural function, so I guess it balances out. Ha...the perfect autoregulatory group....call it the systems biology of partying.