Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Nobel Rejections

I came across a paper summarizing some of the hostilities and/or manuscript rejections associated with discoveries that were eventually awarded a Nobel prize. Obviously, innovative science is often not appreciated immediately. Here's a few notable examples:

  • Hans Krebs, manuscipt on the citric acid cycle. Rejected by Nature. Published in Enzymologia
  • Kary Mullis, manusciprt on the polymerase chain reaction. Rejected by Nature, Science. Published in Methods in Enzymology
  • Hartmut Michel, manuscript on the determination of the three dimensional structure of a photosynthetic reaction center. Rejected by Nature.
  • Pavel Cherenkov, manuscript on "Visible radiation produced by electrons moving in a medium with velocities exceeding that of the light". Rejected by Nature.
  • Burnet could not find any journal to publish his work on the production of antibodies. The work appeared instead in an unrefereed monograph.


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