Friday, January 26, 2007

Bayblab podcast funnier than we think!

While on the topic of alcohol, it turns out that the hilarious, alcohol fueled musings in the bayblab podcast are probably even funnier than we realize! This German study shows that alcoholics, among their other cognitive defects, have an impaired sense of humour (this is unrelated to grumpiness from a lingering hangover, or lack of sense of humour in Germans in general). Participants read jokes and chose from a group of punchlines. Overall, recovering alcoholics chose punchlines that were less coherent and logical than the control group. If you ask me, the sample joke in the article isn't funny regardless of the punchline chosen. But what do I know? I'm just an alcoholic.


Anonymous said...

ahem... I thought the joke was funny. but what do I know? I'm just German.

Anonymous said...

i thought that B was funniest. there is just something funny about cracking eggs on peope's heads. they do it in santa barbara every year. i geass that makes me an alchy.