Thursday, January 11, 2007

The incredible hulk has a small dick

There has been anecdotal evidence that radiation can cause penile lenght shortening. Now it's been confirmed, the combination of androgen therapy and radiation in prostate cancer patients can not only cause impotence but also a shortening of the penis from 14.2 cm to 8.6cm (p<0.001). This is from the same group that brought you the elctrifying research on a very unusual intravesical foreign body in a male : "We present a case of a battery as foreign body in the bladder in a 36-year-old man. Many kinds of foreign bodies in the bladder have been reported but to our knowledge this is the first case of a battery. The diagnosis and the treatment of the case is discussed."


Anonymous said...

"shrinkage" takes on a whole new dimension. can you imagine telling your patients: "mr. smith, you have prostate cancer, but don't worry we'll use radiation and shrink it. oh, by the way your privates are going to shrink like a frightened turtle"