Thursday, January 04, 2007

Nutritional Cancers

Found this figure on a Nature Cancer Reviews paper. Totally ganked it and am anticipating the lawsuits :). Click on it to see it full size and see what foods & lifestyles you should be avoiding as they have been associated with increased risk for cancer. The most conspicuous is the Cantonese Style salted fish, I will be avoiding that like I'll be avoiding Nasopharynx cancer.


Bayman said...

I'll certainly be avoiding breast-feeeding babies from my large breasts and extra nipple.

Seriously though check out the frequency with which alcohol occurs on the list. Suggesting that despite all the propaganda about a glass a wine of day being the key to longevity, the alcohol probably cancels out any benefits obtained from the phytochemicals and resveratrol in the grapes. So if you really want to live forever, just drink grape juice. Personally though, I'll keep drinking beer. Extra caloires, beer gut, liver damage and cancer. At least I know what I'm dealing with.