Monday, January 22, 2007

Bayblab scientist becomes famous

Bayman, who recently made it to the front page of nature (.com) is mentioned in this story in the Ottawa Citizen. The story has some quotes from John Bell but they unfortunately ended up cutting Bayman out of the picture. Its always entertaining to see a PI actually stepping in the lab and having to borrow someone's lab coat so they can be photographed holding some randomly coloured solution in a Erlenmeyer, pretending to point at stuff on a blot, all of this while pipeting water. There is also the artsy lab shot, where the portrait is taken across a shelf holding solutions as in this case. I guess people would rather not know that it is young students that are on the front line of cancer research, they rather imagine it's a greying bearded man smoking a pipe on a perpetual bad hair day, with telescopic glasses working in some obscure basement-lab, perhaps under a volcano or something. unfortunately, the article fails to mention the bayblab, a much more authoritative source on all things sciency...