Friday, May 11, 2007

Bayblab podcast Episode8

Episode 8 is now available (rss on the right)! It's a special podcast live from space with Stephen Hawking, as we discuss how you can make sperm cells from bone marrow, how plasma gasification may be useful for waste disposal, we expose a cancer quack and much more...Special thanks to Jaime Corinaldi for his most excellent music. MC Hawking better beware of this new scientist on the block. And a guest star appearance by Leigh Miller!

This may be the best one so far, lets see what the critics have to say: "The bayblab is so much better [than Science Friday]. It even has Stephen Hawking. All Ira Flatow can claim is that he’s interrupted people who are talking about Stephen Hawking." Ben Ferguson


Dominic said...

I will be giving a talk about the use of wikis, blogs and podcasts in teaching. I will use a "screen capture" of your blog to illustrate how podcasts and blogs can blend together. If you have any reservations, please do not hesitate to tell me and I will not use your site. My talk is on Tuesday... thanks and keep up your good work!

Bayman said...

Please do. Way to spread the word!
Good to see there are teachers out there who are keeping up with technology.

Anonymous said...

Who the F is Ben Ferguson?