Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The internets are metaphorically burninating

I don't really like to post about technology here, because our main purpose is science news for grad students, but in case you live under a rock, the internet has officially gone batshit. The encryption key of HD-DVD has been cracked and is on every major news site on the internet, which is a series of tubes in case you didn't know. Digg's front page is littered with that random hexadecimal number. The pages are being pulled down one by one by Digg, google, blogger, you name it, under orders of the MPAA. Can you own a random number? Is it a trademark or a copyrighted creation? Slashdot is making fun of digg, which is hemorrhaging nerd cred by the minute... oh yeah and the key can be found in this genotyping database of age-related eye disease conducted by the National Eye Institute. THINK OF THE BLIND PEOPLE!


Anonymous Coward said...

59 diggs and the front page of science not bad