Monday, May 14, 2007

Good news everyone!

If you're a regular on the bayblab, or have listened to our last podcast, you know we have a beef with a certain cancer quack here in ottawa. Well an informant tells me there was a little raid conducted there last week under the guise of the royal college of physicians and surgeons. It seems our friend may have had the visit of some law enforcement officers. Perhaps the royal college reads the bayblab... Now this made my Monday morning.... Suck it Bill.
From the Ottawa citizen: "Ottawa police helped investigators from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario execute a search warrant in the Glebe Thursday morning. Two uniformed officers and a detective helped college investigators execute a warrant at a Fifth Avenue business at 10 a.m. No arrests were made and no charges were laid. Police said their only role was to help with the warrant's execution, and referred questions about the investigation to the college. Kathryn Clarke, spokeswoman for the regulating body, said the Regulated Health Professions Act did not allow her to discuss details of a potential investigation. "It's only if the college refers a doctor to discipline that information comes into the public arena," she said."

Update: I'm noticing a lot of traffic coming to this site thanks to Healthwatcher now linking to us about the CCRG and our scoop of its investigation by the college of surgeon and physicians. I'm also seeing a lot of journalists and counsellors from the city of Ottawa coming to this site. Feel free to contact us at if you want an account of our multiple encounters with Bill O'Neil, how he's been long known to the cancer research community here in Ottawa or have access to all our recorded information about his dealings with us.


Anonymous said...

Can you contact me privately about the CCRG?