Wednesday, May 16, 2007

more bayTUNES

I see that we're posting music recommendations here. As my good friend Adam says "anybody who doesn't listen to Smog is a fucking idiot". I agree. He's our generation's Dylan/Young/Simon/insert over-rated boomer icon here (PS, I like all of these guys... but really, get over them). If you've never heard him, listen (with an open mind) to last year's phenomenal A River Ain't Too Much to Love, or any of his three masterpieces Red Apple Falls, Dongs of Sevotion (a personal favourite), or Knock Knock and prepare to be blown-away. For you track-oriented types, some suggestions are dress sexy at my funeral, ex-con, i break horses, bloodflow, chosen one, say valley maker, the well, cold-blooded old times, hit the ground running, teenage spaceship and pretty-much anything else you can get ahold of.

Also, on par with Smog is Bonnie "Prince" Billy, whose album I See a Darkness is my favourite of all time.

Both artists are on Drag City and will blow you away if you give them a chance (unless you're a douche; in which case, there's no point in trying to help you).