Monday, December 11, 2006

bayblab podcast: Episode 4 part-I

Finally the latest podcast is born, rejoice. Now with 50% less Rob laughing into the mic. In the first part of episode 4: A fight to the death of Dawkins versus Collins who will win? What to do if your tool gets stuck in the zipper? Can you cook an egg with your cellphone? Why engineers are intelligent designers but biologists suck at fixing radios? Which bayblab crew-member has extra nipples and how to make them lactate and finally how bubble tea may give you more orgasms than you can handle....


Anonymous said...

You guys really should have edited my comments out. I have a reputation to uphold as someone who would never get my privates stuck in my chair.
Next time I'm going to drink more beer so I don't have to be conscious for the whole thing.