Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Rabbit & the Fox & urine & poop

Cool stuff. I got a fox face for christmas. The fox face is basically just the hide of the face with eye mouth and ear holes. No other taxidermy specialness.
Anyways I introduced to my pet rabbit (which my wife insists is very cute) and it totally freaked. I tried it a couple of more times and tried to make it's environment otherwise comforting, however, it still FREAKED, sprinting back to it's cage.
Interesting since this rabbit has never even been outside. I would take this to mean that the scent of a fox INSTINCTUALLY freaks out rabbits. The fox is a rabbits number 1 predator, in some habitats, and it's urine scent is actually sold as a rabbit repellent. Is it possible that this repellent works on rabbits even if they have never smelled a fox previously? Perhaps it similar to the instinct that I have that poop stinks. Not that poop is my predator but that it is associated with disease.


Bayman said...

that's crazy. but i guess it makes sense since if baby rabbits weren't innately wired to fear the smell of fox but rather had to hang out with foxes to learn it, they probably wouldn't survive to use that skill anyway...

Anonymous said...

has it occured to you that your bunny is just a genius

Anonymous said...

seriously . . . look at that face

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