Friday, December 08, 2006

Pathway Interaction Database

From the cool resources department: the Nature website now features a pathway interaction database. Less flashy than Biocarta (another good pathway resource), the PID features almost 300 pathways and over 4000 interactions (from both Biocarta and an NCI-Nature collaboration) showing regulators, interactions and up- and down-stream effectors, all clickable for even more detailed information. Great for when your PI just needs to see a picture. The default display is SVG, which didn't seem to work on my laptop, but GIF, XML and other formats are available.


Anonymous said...

Pathway Interaction Database (PID) default has been changed to GIF format. PID also provides data in XML and BioPAX level 2 formats.

Content is added every month (on an average two new pathways per month). It also includes a section called the Bioinformatics Primer which are commissioned reviewes on similar online resources.