Monday, December 11, 2006

Cellular Polarity

Apparently not only are cell divisions asymmetric in terms of distribution of old and new DNA between daughter cells but it looks like even aggresomes, those nasty aggregates of misfolded proteins such as those found in both Huntingtons and Parkinsons disease, also segregate asymmetrically between daughter cells. Thus loss of cell division polarity, that has been shown to occur in cancer, may have other disease consequences.


Bayman said...

Speaking of polar architecture, what's with the latest coke commercial in their polar bear series , where the cute little bear cub discovers a bunch of partying emperor penguins?? That's like sooooo geographically inaccurate (ie North and South poles are different places)...just when you think media is moving in the right direction with a beautiful educational movie like March of the Penguins, along comes coca-cola and their massive audience power to undo it all...(or did the bears float down to the south pole on a piece of ice?...) Gotta love the Beach Boys on the soundtrack though.

If you think I'm crazy, guess again, I'm not the only scientist up in arms about this disgraceful ad... (incidentally, also some nice info on being a woman scientist at this site)