Monday, December 04, 2006

Gene therapy in your jeans

Forget cialis and viagra, ED treatment is now turning to gene therapy. The first human trial in which a naked DNA plasmid of the gene slowpoke is injected directly in the corpus cavernosum: "Eleven patients with moderate to severe erectile dysfunction (ED) were given a single-dose corpus cavernosum injection of hMaxi-K, a "naked" DNA plasmid carrying the human cDNA encoding hSlo (for human slowpoke), the gene for the alpha, or pore-forming, subunit of the human smooth muscle Maxi-K channel.". This is from the same research team that brought you this quality research (for you triathlete females out there) : "Bicycling is associated with neurological impairment and impotence in men. Similar deficits have not been confirmed in women. Aim. To evaluate the effects of bicycling on genital sensation and sexual function in women. Methods. Healthy, premenopausal, competitive women bicyclists and runners (controls) were compared. Conclusion. There is an association between bicycling and decreased genital sensation in competitive women bicyclists. "