Friday, March 02, 2007

New Longevity Genes

A study employing a new screen for genes involved in longevity in C.elegans identified 64 genes that extend life when inactivated post-developmentally (via RNAi). These genes were not included in other knockout studies because of their essential role in development. More than 90% of the identified genes are conserved from yeast to humans, and many of them have an effect on longevity that is as robust as the usual suspects. Move over SIR2. Check out if your favorite gene turned up in the screen on the freely available early online release at PLoS genetics.


Bayman said...

wierd. what a random list of genes. what's with the translational initiation factors?

Anonymous Coward said...

but wouldn't you expect longevity genes to have housekeeping functions anyways?