Friday, March 02, 2007

Plate tectonics is a conspiracy

Plate tectonics is clearly made up, I mean how can you get subduction and movement of the crust if the earth is flat? Well the newest conspiracy is that the earth is round but plates do not move. Then why do the continents seem to fit together you will ask. Well, it's not the continents drifting it is the earth that is growing. I mean that's the logical conclusion right, but the scientists are keeping it a secret, because they do not want to rewrite science books. In fact I urge you to look at this conspiracy video. Don't be brainwashed by Pangeationists, rather doubt the physicists, they are part of this conspiracy, they never told us matter could expand away from the center of gravity of the earth and that mass can be created from nothing. Next time you experience an earthquakes, remember, the scientists are doing it.


Rob said...

I recommend the youtube clip the animations are great although it's the only evidence that is presented.

Michael Netzer said...

This is a new article at Wikipedia which has just survived a proposed deletion process:

This is Growing Earth Consortium:

This is my website:

Nice work you're doing here. Enjoy.

Michael Netzer

Rob said...

Perhaps the sarcasm in the post wasn't obvious enough.
Again the youtube clips are cool, the expanding earth theory is not, neither are the above links by Michael Netzer.
While it maybe obvious that the continents fit together it is also obvious to everyone that the earth is flat.

Bayman said...

Michael Netzer are you related to Aubrey de Grey? The resemblance is uncanny. (Sorry his beard is much longer though. Maybe yours will be that long once you reach the ripe, IL-7-therapy-induced old age of 368).

Anonymous Coward said...

Maybe he's been around long enough to see the swelling?