Monday, March 05, 2007

p53 restoration

We have discussed these papers in The Bay (where the baybs blab). But here's a nice summary of a few recent papers that describe the efficacy of reactivating p53 in cancer cells. Basically it works. Surprisingly despite ongoing selection for rapid replication cancer cells still contain sufficient protein networks that allow p53 to kill those misbehaving cells. The costs of activating p53 are likely increased senescence in normal cells.


Anonymous Coward said...

yeah it's like the opposite of oncogene addiction. Tumour supressor aversion?

Dominic said...

What I like about p53 is it's Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde personnality. For instance, under oxidative stress it is know that a little free radicals activate the p53 promoter. p53 then activates antioxidant genes and the cell survives. Under heavy oxidative stress, the p53 activates pro-oxidant genes leading apoptosis. One protein, two roads...I just like that!