Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Fish Feeding Frenzies

I looking for fish feeding times as I'm going to fly fish tomorrow at Aberdeen lake in the Okanagan. Years ago I remember, major and minor fish feeding times were reported just after the weather on the radio news. I have been trying to find a good free fish feeding times table. Finally found a web based fish feeding times table for all timezones in Canada. I was really surprised at how difficult it was to find, so hard it made me think if these feeding times were just a bunch of crap. Turns out it's all based on a single book written in 1942, called "moon up ~ moon down", that introduced the Solunar Theory.

To substantiate the theory in relation to angling, John Alden Knight attempted a systematic inquiry to acquire complete details surrounding the capture of record catches.
He examined approximately 200 of these catches. Over 90 percent were made during the dark of the moon (new moon) when the effects of the periods appear to be greatest, and more importantly they were made during the actual times of the Solunar Periods.
Initially, only the behavior of fish was considered. During 1935 to 1939 Knight made extensive studies of game birds and animals. As had been suspected, these also responded to the prompting stimulus of the periods.

There is also an account of oysters synchronizing feeding with the moon. Sketchy. But then again, I haven't found anything refuting it anywhere and check out this glowing review of the book on amazon.


Anonymous Coward said...

Or... you could save yourself some time by just throwing away 10 or so flies and coming back empty handed....ohhh snap!