Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Oncolytic Salmonella: Dirty Poultry for Cancer Therapy?

Loeffler et al. report on the anti-tumor activity of an attenuated Salmonella bacterial strain engineered to express the mammalian immunostimulatory gene LIGHT, online this month in PNAS. How about a clinical trial on chickens with tumors? Or will Kentucky Fried Chicken give the Salmonella to their birds and market a new 6-piece anti-cancer meal? "Will that be a white or brown therapy today?". Just kidding. Oncolytic bacterial therapy for cancer is of course a very legitimate and promising area of therapeutic research. Clinical trials and manufacture of biological therapeutics are highly regulated and controlled to ensure human safety. Sorry KFC.


Rob said...

My quick survey of the paper suggests that Salmonella itself doesn't do too much it's all about the LIGHT transgene.
So don't leave your potato salad in the sun.