Sunday, August 19, 2007

Global Warming Still Happening: James Hansen Strikes Back on Climate Data, Scores Points for Team God

In a newly-released statement, James Hansen, NASA scientist responsible for their temperature data, explains "what's really going on" with recent headlines that described errors in reported climate data and raised concerns regarding the realities of global warming. Yes, says Hansen, we made errors, the blogger told us about them, and we corrected them. The corrections are insignificant he claims, (see fig.) and were blown out of proportion by the conservative media in an effort to enable "the royalty" in power to go on destroying the Earth. In fact, he says, we already knew that 1998 wasn't the warmest year on record, and they reported this previously. He should've just stopped with the data ("Just shut up James. You had me at no significant difference). But no. The latter half of the letter is a fervently emotional rant about, "usufruct (WTF?), gorillas, captains of industry, court jesters and how Hansen is just working to save "Creation". Freaky.

Hey, I appreciate the man's passion and I'm all in favor of individuals and industries taking responsibility for their impact on the environment. But it would be nice to see scientists approach the issue with a balanced, objective perspective, not as Crusaders fighting to protect God's creation from Satan's evil oil-hungry minions. I don't care what God or Satan think. I just want some reality please. And don't tell me your too busy defending God's domain to get your data straight.


Rob said...

Notice the difference in media coverage of this 'rebutal' and the original claim of no global warming.
I found the original on google news with at least 10 articles whereas this one is published as a PDF on a university website????
If you search google news you still find many more links to the original. They are from the likes of CBS and Boston globe.
The rebutal is on sites like American Thinker and Newsbusters. I think it says something that a relatively unknown blogger gets more 'authoritative' press than a NASA scientist. [On a side note you gotta give the blogger some credit for doing some homework.]

Bayman said...

Yeah for sure...I think if anyone's got the right idea it's these geeks who are plowing through all the data to make sure it's correct, and seemingly doing better quality control then NASA themselves (although they aren't burdened with actually having to run the hardware).

For sure big US media has a conservative slant, plus NASA !@#$%-ed up is always going to make more sensational headlines then "just kidding it wasn't as big a deal as we thought". Maybe that's why Hansen is so damn crazy, or feels he needs to act that way to attract attention.

Bayman said...

BTW are you implying that getting linked on the bayblab is not big media coverage?

Kamel said...

Regarding the media coverage, I'm pretty sure it doesn't indicate a larger conspiracy, but is just the nature of the news. For better or for worse, a dogma challenging report is always going to get more press than "everything is status quo". Especially when the status quo maintaining rebuttle involves math.

Bayman said...

I tend to agree. Lots of "left-wing" friendly stories are highly prized by the media, such as doomsday prophecies about how we are destroying the Earth (true or not). Seems the common denominator in terms of what the media run with is sensationalism evoking shock, fear and panic.

Anonymous said...

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