Thursday, April 19, 2007

Harmful marijuana

Today at lunch we were discussing the ironic front page story of a recent "Metro" newspaper cover. In it patients complained about the 1500% markup (150$ an ounce) health Canada is supposedly making on the sell of medical marijuana. It seems health Canada probably wants to sell the therapeutic herb at market value so that patients are not tempted to resell at a profit. In any case, compared to other types of medication it is still cheap, and Canada is being pretty progressive in this matter compared to its southern neighbour. We were also discussing the possible adverse effects of marijuana, considering the recent re-classification that was done in the UK, which while putting marijuana as safer than nutmeg, cigarettes and alcohol, still scored more harmful than ecstasy or LSD. Most of the adverse effect come from the smoke inhalation, which could be avoided by using other delivery methods without combustion. However, propaganda still rages in the States and some of the adverse effects attributed to smoking marijuana (picture above) are definitely not based on sound science, with statements such as: clogged synapses, brain damage, cancer and "destroy" number of chromosomes!!!