Sunday, April 15, 2007

Test for diabetes predisposition launched

Since we spoke about Iceland in our new podcast, I wanted to mention what Iceland's deCODE genetics has been up too. The company takes advantage of the relative inbreeding in Iceland and their good health system and nation-wide DNA banking to mine for disease-related SNPs. Their first test, for a mere 500$, will tell you wether or not you have a particular SNP which raises your type 2 diabetes risk by 100%. This SNP is carried by roughly 10% of the population. In the next year they will launch 10 new test for other diseases such as breast and prostate cancer. The idea is that you could make some lifestyle changes early, if you were at risk. I wonder if that could backfire, perhaps if you weren't carrying the diabetes SNP you would indulge more in sweets thinking that you were safe...
In any case this is good news for the icelanders who will now get these tests for free as payment. Keep an eye on those vikings you never know when they might take over the world again. THIS IS ICELANNNNDDD!!!


Anonymous Coward said...

Honestly spartans are no match for vikings